Glass Washing Lines And Machines
Glass Washing Line with Hydraulic Panel Press - VGPL V2

Glass washing lines with hydraulic panel press lines can assemble and press double, triple or structural (step, facade) insulating glass units as a standard feature Washing and drying unit machine with its robust structure in stainless steel, is equipped with high quality Low-E brushes ensure the longevity of the brush. All the brushes that are used in washing cabinet are soft coating glass (Low-E) brushes which are very soft and perfect for Low-E glass washing. Brush units will automatically adjust themselves to the glass thickness of each panel, hence distributing uniform pressure onto the glass surface. The brushes are controlled by separate brush motors and the brush speed adjustment can be done for each motor separately. The machine automatically recognizes and accepts in sequence glass panels of different thicknesses. Specially designed aluminium made sprayers ensure the uniformity of water spraying while washing. The drying unit consists of a closed circuit, electric fans with an air filter device. The flow of hot air at high pressure is driven by centrifugal effect without using an additional heating system. After the first glass is passed through from washing and drying it goes directly to hydraulic panel press then the machine holds the first glass panel in suspension on a rubber made, anti-oil board equipped with independent suction cups and a quick release mechanism. The second panel, on which butyl applied aluminium frame has been mounted, is positioned and stabilized by means of an air cushion. The movable section automatically brings the first panel onto the second one, pressing them uniformly, automatically adapting pressure according to the size of panels. Hydraulic pressing system applies different pressures for different thickness of insulating glass units and butyl is pressed equally from four side by applying equal pressure. Special vacuum system makes the press unit to work automatically in high speed. Suctions run according to the dimension of the glass to prevent energy loss. Inside of the press is made of anti-static felt and air cushion system to prevent glass breaking while pressing. The press is completely automated and controlled by a PLC system. Hydraulic tilting table that placed at the end of the line is used for transferring of big sized or heavy glasses and can be used for sealing. All functions can be operated from a multi-language and user friendly touch screen panel located at the front side of press.


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