Glass Sealing Robots And Extruders
Automatic Glass Sealing Robot - OTM

Automatic glass sealing robot carries out the final sealing of the insulating glass units, providing accurate sealing of the angles and assuring high operating speed. The slanted transport system, which has no contact with the insulating glass units during the sealing phase, minimises panel smears, reduces friction on glass sheets and allows to process big and heavyweight units. With its robotic structure, the machine automatically can seal double, triple and optionally structural (step, facade) glasses with maximum quality. Optionally, if the two pump system is chosen, different sealing materials (polysulphide, silicon, polyurethane) or same materials can be used as sealing. The two pump system can be used as; Polysulphide – polysulphide, silicon-silicon, polyurethane-polyurethane, polysulphide-silicon, polyurethane-polysulphide or polyurethane-silicon. The system has PC based control panel that replaces all the manual functions, for user-friendly machine operation.


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