Float & Laminated Glass Cutting Lines And Machines
Electromagnetic Linear Glass Cutting Line - EML

Electromagnetic Linear Motor driven glass cutting line comes with automatic loading system and glass breaking table for cutting of float glass, special glass types or soft coating glass (Low-E) using the diamond cutting wheel technology. With its loading unit the line is able to load glass sheets from the different glass racks automatically from both sides. The cutting table is also equipped with a metallic brush system, which removes soft coatings glass (Low-E) from glass sheets easily with maximum quality. Standard shapes, imported shapes or scanned shapes can be cut with ease. The CNC program automatically adjusts the maximum axis speed for cutting process regarding the optimization results and minimizes the movement of the axis and ensures the shortest possible cutting and grinding times. After the glass sheet is cut the glass is transferred to the breaking table for separation. In the new driving system, because there is no reducer, pinion or encoder behind the motor, the tolerance of the cutting is minimized. By using external encoder, the positioning accuracy is maximized. Because of the electromagnetic linear motor system the glass cutting process will done in maximum speed and performance


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