CMS Glass Machinery

CMS Máquinaria SA (CMS Makine A.Ş.) fue fundada en Estambul-Turquía en 1995 y continúa los actividades de diseño, producción, comercialización y provisión de frecer servicio técnico para Líneas y Máquinas de Corte para Vidrio Plano y Laminado, Líneas de Presado y Máquinas de Lavado para Vidrio , Robot y Extrusora de Enmasillado, Máquinas de procesamiento de Listón , Máquinas de procesamiento de Vidrio, Líneas de Producción para Vidrio Laminado y Hornos de Revenido para Vidrio Plano y Doblado. 

Investigación y Desarrollo

With the aim of shaping the future from the present, CMS Glass Machinery, in addition to upgrading its machines portfolio, focuses on the glass machinery production with a solution-oriented vantage point and serves its customers by combining ever developing technology with science and designing new machines. Because CMS view its customers as business partners.

CMS, taking aim at using minimum manpower and switching to full automation in the glass industry, is working to meet the needs of glass producing facilities by prognosticating through the proactive work of its Research & Development department. 

CMS Glass Machinery’s vision towards this objective pioneers the transformation of science and technology into automation in the glass industry. 

CMS Glass Machinery, through its expert engineering team, applies the international standards at every stage of designing process and provides solutions its customers with the skills it has in the areas of hydraulics, pneumatics, electro mechanics, electronics, computer science and CNCs. 

CMS Glass Machinery’s R&D Department, wanting to achieve permanent advantages in the areas of innovation, technology and design, has their new-product development projects supported by The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TÜBİTAK) and cooperates with interested universities